Record Producers & Session Musicians

Record Producers are treated very much like an artist and they used to derive their income from the sale of the record.

However, with all the new technologies and different income streams the producer is now on the road to being fully remunerated for the work that he has helped create.

It is not unusual for record producers now to share in income from downloading, streaming, premium sales, ring tones, sampling and other flat fee income, as well as synchronization usages for films, TV programmes, etc.

Again, a strong royalty audit clause is necessary and a system set up to monitor the flow of this income to ensure it is all collected and collected correctly, thereby ensuring that the producer gets his full entitlement.

Both producers and session musicians are now beginning to enjoy performance income, which previously they never were paid for.

Obviously, every time a record is played on the radio or television the featured artist and the songwriter gets paid, but now some societies accept that the producer gets paid and so do the session musicians known as non-featured artists.

Music Royalty Investigations is set up to give advice both prior to signing any contracts and monitoring royalty statements to ensure that they reflect the right entitlement to income and carrying out an audit if necessary.

Music Royalty Investigations can also register you with all the relevant societies to ensure that your flow of income is correct and uninterrupted and that when your work is used with new technology you will be remunerated fairly for its use.

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