Songwriters & Music Publishers

Songwriters and music publishers get paid not only when the song that they publish or have written gets played on radio, television, etc., but also when a record is made and/or sold.

Larger record companies pay the publisher/writer on the sales of records whilst the smaller independent labels tend to pay on the pressing of the record, which may be substantially different to that of the sales.

Music Royalty Investigations understands the different licensing agreements that the various publishing collection societies enter into and are able to determine how you should be paid and the sources of payments.

In addition, both for the writer and for the publisher it is important to know that your sub-publisher is collecting the income that you are entitled to on your behalf.

In several cases a year we come across instances where the sub-publisher in a territory has not collected all the monies that they are due or, alternatively, keeping a sum greater than their entitlement under the agreement.

It is also important for a songwriter when he signs a Publishing Agreement with the publisher to know exactly what he is going to receive and how much that publisher can pay away to a sub-publisher for effectively sub-contracting out their works in territories that they cannot collect the royalties from.

It is this receipt basis or source basis that can make an enormous difference to the income of the sub-publisher and of the writer.

As can be seen, this is a very complex and time consuming exercise to undertake but with the right help and guidance Music Royalty Investigations and our input both before signing a contract and after a contract has been signed, a monitoring programme can be instituted to ensure that you receive all the royalties that you are due and you have all the safeguards built into your contracts that you will need.

If a royalty audit then becomes necessary this can take place swiftly and the area of examination can be finely pinpointed.

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